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Introducing MeetSwapShop

A mom-to-mom social network and kids online consignment and resale community

Moms groups and kids consignment

The possibilities are endless

How does it work?


Save up to 90% buying gently used clothing and toys for your kids. They wear the stuff out so fast, why not? Plus, you can really come up on some cool deals and finds from brands like Ralph Lauren, Baby Gap, Gymboree, and even handmade items.


Instead of throwing that gorgeous, designer kids dress away, or that super cute cable knit sweater, sell it to another mom who would love to get a deal. Take what you earn, and buy more then REPEAT the process! See how that works?



Mom, even you can’t make it in this world alone, and with MeetSwapShop, you don’t have to! Find your tribe. Build your village here. Make connections for business or pleasure. The possibilities are endless.

Founder’s Story


“If you’re like me, when you became a mother, you threw yourself wholeheartedly at your new role.  In doing so, we often forget that we still have goals, dreams and aspirations.  They just got buried somewhere.  This community is designed to get us talking, meeting, encouraging, inspiring and leveraging against our many talents.

I was filled with so many emotions when I got pregnant with my first child…excitement, anxiety, joy then that turned to oh my gosh, who is going to share this experience with me.  Who is going to really get what I’m going through as a new mother?  Of course I have my mom, and still have my friends, and friends with kids even although they are older kids, and in some cases, much older.  After having my first kid, I met 9 of the greatest first time moms ever through a hospital program and learned that I didn’t even know what I needed until I received it. The first eight kids in our ever expanding group are born within 2-3 weeks of each other.  The experience with this group has been nothing short of amazing.  We have been inseparable.  We are now loving on the 2nd phase of our expanding group!   I realized that surrounding myself with sisters in motherhood is priceless.  Our glue is that we have kids that are the same ages, and therefore at the same stages.  I am so grateful for my mama friends and I want to make it easy for other mamas to meet mamas that they can share motherhood with too.

Then there’s the cost of kids.  Your kids can truly be your mini-me in not only looks, but in style!  But, have you seen the cost of the threads?  Kids clothes can literally bankrupt you.  With less disposable income, it made sense to bargain shop for my son’s clothes. Particularly since children grow so quickly, it seemed wasteful to spend large amounts of money to buy quality, name brand clothing at retail prices.  Even though consignment stores frequently offer good bargains, it’s time consuming to spend weekends combing through racks and racks of clothes never sure if your time will be rewarded with an awesome find.  Consignment sales are great, but they are only held seasonally.  I’ve also tried online auction sites, but sometimes the postage prices make the item not worth the cost.

I found a consignment forum where a mom was selling five brand name, toddler shirts for $7. When I met up with her to pick up the shirts, I  inquired about other items she would want to possibly get rid of, and the mom  presented me with a pile of items worth more $250.

I purchased the entire pile – more than 32 pieces for $32. This included items from Children’s Place, Ralph Lauren, Baby Gap and Gymboree saving her over 90%. Kids grow so fast, and we are constantly getting rid of and recycling stuff, I learned that often times one mom has a ton of other clothes in the same size, so this site gives her a way to showcase everything she has.

The  mom who sold me the clothes expressed interest in finding other moms who shared her sense of style from which she could also purchase quality clothing for less than the cost of retail, and so the idea for MeetSwapShop was born.  Moms build a simple profile and  set up their kids clothes and items up on the site like a store. Now, we can all browse inventory from home and schedule pickups when it’s convenient.

Whether you are a tummy mama, adoptive mama, grandmama, expectant mama, drinking mama, non-drinking mama, Disney mama, earthy mama, yoga mama, travelling mama, local mama, high society mama, middle of the road mama, rich mama, broke mama, a buying mama, a selling mama, there is a mama out there who wants to build a social network with you. I learned that there is a mama out there just like you and I wanted to provide a way to bring all mamas together.

Robin lives in the Inland Empire (California) with her husband and their two children (1 and 3).

Robin is the founder of MeetSwapShop. She is a UCLA Bruin, former model, former law enforcement officer, and world traveller. She writes about her adventures as a suburban mompreneur and what it’s been like going from Christian Louboutin’s and dresses to yoga pants and Converse.

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Kids Resale and Consignment will Save you Money

Kids resale is what’s up because how fast do these kids grow out of their clothes?  Buying kids clothes can literally break the bank!

Why should you purchase kids resale, you ask?

Because they almost outgrow the things before you can even make it home from purchasing them.  And why are  kids clothes so expensive? Seriously.  How much thread does it take to make a 12 month onesie?  Kids clothes are almost as expensive as ours.  I don’t get it.

Kids resale is a bargain!

Who doesn’t love a bargain? That’s rhetorical because everyone does! You know what people don’t love? Spending hundreds of dollars for kids clothes that will be too small faster than Kim Kardashian gets remarried.

Kids resale is what's up because how fast do these kids grow out of their clothes? Click To Tweet

In my own quest for the good life on a budget, I began my hunt for designer kids resale clothes for my son. I want him to be fashionable and look good, but I don’t want to eat Ramen noodles in order to afford them! Imagine my joy while rummaging through a thrift store, I found a Burberry check print woven shirt for my son for $14.95. This shirt retails for $135.00! What a find! I’m so excited I could moonwalk. That is, if I actually COULD moonwalk, which I can’t. What I can do is share with all of you a way to get great, gently used kids clothes for your children without breaking the bank or having to traipse from one consignment store to the next.

The cat is out of the bag, as indicated by In Style Magazine (@InStyle) in their interview with Ne-Yo, even he knows the value of keeping money in his pocket.  He says he doesn’t buy designer kids clothes because they wear the clothes one time then outgrow them. Well Ne-Yo, now you too can buy designer clothes if you purchase kids resale.

Where can I purchase kids resale, you ask?

MomSonPark1The MeetSwapShop community is launching soon!  It’s an online gathering of moms who want to buy, sell or trade kids clothes and other items. In the MeetSwapShop online store, you’ll have one-stop shopping for kids resale in neat displays, set up by brand names and sizes.

Take our online survey now to be considered for charter membership and our site beta test then get ready to find your own bargains in kids resale- they might be closer than you think!

But, if you still want to go to the thrift store every weekend (because that’s how often you have to go in order to luck up on the right kids clothes) or to the department stores to buy new (I won’t judge), we’ll wish you the best of luck on our way to the park (just come back and sell them on MeetSwapShop to moms like me). I’ll be the mom with the boy with the sharpest kids clothes having fun in the sun.



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Our mission is to bring moms together locally, saving moms time and money in their search for quality children’s items and apparel. Moms can also expand their network of friends for play dates, group activities, personal hobbies and business ventures.